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FOX: Sales Process Program

FOX: Sales Process Program


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THE PROFITS SALES TRAINING COURSES were developed by nationally recognized beverage retail leader Tom Fox from Fox Sales Coaching, in collaboration with Learning Evolution. We proudly offer this online PROFITS Sales Training so that more sales and support professionals may benefit from our research and time proven method of sales.

The PROFITS Sales Process is a method of retail sales that is differentiated from ‘relationship selling’.  It employs a successful empathy and information-based style of relationship building along with the necessary hard sales skills and competencies that set beverage sales and support professionals apart.

TARGET AUDIENCE junior to mid-career beverage and alcohol wholesalers and supplier/distributor sales professionals

TIMELINE approximately 8 hours of learning content

CURRICULUM includes 16 modules, 5 recorded webinars, and 10 virtual live training events

This course is divided into 16 sections, each of which should have an average seat time of 15-20 minutes. This program will prepare sales reps to meet and exceed the expectations of your most difficult and sophisticated customers. We will offer up ideas on how to sell that may be totally different than what you’re currently doing now – don’t worry, as it’s all about taking your customer relationships to the “next level.” Be open to new approaches and concepts. The challenge is to incorporate these methods in way that doesn't change individual personality.


  • Pre-Assessment
  • Course Overview
  • The PROFITS Difference
  • The PROFITS Training Journey
  • Empathy: The Fuel of PROFITS
  • PROFITS Language Primer Review
  • Trade Math
  • Step 1 - Prepare
  • Step 2 - Recon
  • Step 3 - Ongoing Confirmation
  • Step 4 - Flawless Presentation
  • Step 5 - Iron Out Objections
  • Step 6 - Thank You/Close
  • Step 7 - Service
  • Let's Do It
  • Post-Assessment