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“Students utilizing your coursework are receiving the most
advanced instruction in category management possible today. Learning Evolution
[has] made a difference for many students.”

Dan Strunk, DePaul University

“I was a campus hire for Pepsi and worked my way into a Senior Category Analyst role. The online Category Management training that Pepsi offered to employees gave me functional training and industry understanding I didn’t have coming from Fullerton. Without the functional training that Pepsi offered I would not be in the position I am today.”

Debbie Snyder, PepsiCo Senior Category Analyst

“I am happy to provide this recommendation on Learning
Evolution’s category management training and CMA certified software. These training modules provide a very cost-effective and thorough approach to CM training. Any organization will benefit greatly from the comprehensive content and efficient online delivery.”

Tom Burkemper, Walgreens

“This program has allowed us to change our management approach, and while we are still highly focused on achieving results, we are equally focused on developing our people. We honestly can’t expect better sales
results without an improved sales staff.”

Sean Eckhardt, Glazers

“The blended training we have developed with Learning Evolution for our associates has increased our ability to level set and onboard our new hires at a much higher level. Their work with Learning Evolution is giving them more confidence in their ability to execute our strategies."

Mark Thompson, Hormel Foods Corportation

Was able to apply these skills in our last line review - utilized panel and scanner data and we gained incremental products in the set!


I used learnings regarding the 4 P's to help develop a sales deck that we used internally in an effort to leverage the positioning of one of our big brands!


I was able to pass on the information I gathered to my Account Manger, who happened to have a meeting with the customer the next week. He was very happy to have all of the extra info!


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