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(English) 8 Courses for Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Advisors

(English) 8 Courses for Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Advisors

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Sales, Marketing and Strategic Advisors are advanced in Customer Relationship Management and adept at joint business planning and value creation. As experts in understanding retailer shopper segmentation and shopper behavior, beyond their given category, they are specialists in leveraging data for advanced shelving and assortment solutions and can provide advanced pricing and promotion analysis.

Developed in collaboration with leading CPG retailers, manufacturers, and industry experts.

TARGET AUDIENCE Senior Management including Director, Vice President, and Senior Vice President.

TIMELINE approximately 8 hours of learning content


  • Retailer Economics and Supply Chain (Advanced)
  • Joint Business Planning & Value Creation
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Consultative Selling
  • Understanding Shopper Behavior, Beyond the Category
  • Retailer Shopper Segmentation
  • Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions
  • Leveraging Data for Advanced Assortment Solutions
  • Pre & Post Assessment for each module
  • Individual Scorecards
  • Downloadable Resources: Key calculations guide, key terms glossary, access to data insights center, access to subject matter expert support.